Climate Change/Greta

Why are the people concerned about climate change also most often believe in abortion? 

IF, IF, IF climate-change were real, then it is just a planet-wide abortion? 
Doesn't the earth have the right to get rid of the humans that bother it? 
If the planet kills us all, then problem solved. 
Wars end. Abuse ends. 

Why are adults more important than unborn babies? We're not. 
Prepare to step into eternity. Or are you scared of eternity? 

Now, about Greta Thunberg.  I have deleted this part of the article, as she has been used and put on a shelf.


Carbon and Immigration 

If CO2 emissions are a bad thing, why would anyone encourage immigration from warmer countries to cooler countries? 
Cooler countries mostly rely on fossil fuels to warm people. 
Shouldn't Latinos, Africans and Middle Easterners stay home in their warmer climates, to protect the planet?