Reverend Sister Gloria Asa

Here is a paste-and-copy from an e-mail I received today, (June 1, 2021) supposedly from Benin:

Rev. Sis Gloria Good Day, My name is Rev.sister gloria aza from SS. Peter and Paul Catholic Church Benin Du Republic, 
i wish to inform you that we lost Rev.Fr. Peter Colapiet. 
 Late Rev. Fr. Peter Colapiet died on 05th October 2020, he is an Orphan from Michigan United State Of America, but nationalized in SS. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Benin Du Republic. 

Before his death, he made a Will and gave an instruction to contact you Via your e-mail address when he died as his Next of Kin. 
I am glad to inform you that late Rev. Fr. Peter Colapiet made you the beneficiary of his will at the sum of $6,500,000.00 and i know you might be wondering how late Rev.Father Peter Colapiet made you the beneficiary of his WILL. 

He made a random sampling of many people's e-mail addresses as his spirit direct him, by the help of MICROSOFT INTERNATIONAL FIRM and yours came out as a draw before Leukemia took him. 

That is how you were picked as his sole beneficiary to be contacted after he pass on and memorial service completed. 

Email: {} To lay claims to this WILL, contact me with the information's below so that i can forward it to 
Bank where the deposit is lodged for the release of your funds. 

Full names: 
Contact address: Age: 
Next of kin: 
Valid ID: 
Private Phone number: 

Thank You and remain bless Rev.sister gloria aza