This is a note to those in charge of fundraising money for the GOP. 

Probably the least amount of difference between Republicans and Democrats is their methods of raising money for political campaigns.

1) My ideal woud be that no one from out of state would be able to contribute to a candidate’s campaign fund.  
    But yes, I do contribute to out-of-state campaigns, just to offset CA and NY money.  And Chinese money.

2) I don’t like campaigns using devices, like surveys, as an excuse to ask for money.  Most surveys are rigged, 
    in that we are merely being asked to parrot-back, what they survey authors want us to chatter back to them. 
    How many surveys offer us the opportunity to actually speak our mind? And who would read them?

3) I get a lot of email from GOP sources, some of which hated Trump in office, but use his name to solicit funds. 
    I don't want my money going to candidates that didn't support Trump while he was in office. Turncoats  
4) Matching funds. I simply don’t believe that a Secret Santa is waiting around to help me contribute to a campaign, 
    and won’t give unless I do. 
    I don’t believe it, and I am insulted that anyone would think that I would fall for that ruse. 

5) I also am at odds with online fundraising sites. On some sites, one must leave a home and or cell phone number to contribute. 
     I recently succumbed to this, and now am getting phone span.  Deep regrets. 

  6) Nor do I trust the USPS any more to deliver campaign contributions. 
    During the 2020 election cycle, I sent a check to GA GOP to help out, and two checks to Trump's place in New York. 
    Two months after the election, the GA GOP was returned as ‘undeliverable’. A couple of weeks later, the Trump checks were cashed, 
     but without signatures or account numbers. I’m suspicious that they may have been highjacked. 
     I wish there was a way to trace the money back to its final resting place. 

7) Continuing on the solicitation process. Just as food labels have ingredients listed, 
     I would like to know:
     what kind of solicitation program is being used; 
     what percent goes to the candidate, 
     and what percent goes to the fundraising entity.

 Eric J. Rose