Religious Confusion

Sorting out God-stuff can be confusing. There are many religions, and in each religion, so many sects or denominations. 
Many people aren’t sure what they should believe. 

 Let’s clear out some of the junk. 

How many religious leaders have risen from the dead, other than Jesus? 
How many books speak authoritatively about Jesus? 
The Old Testament foretells about Him, The New Testament chronicles His life on earth. 

“But the Bible gets so confusing.” Been there, wrestled with that. It took me a long time to reconcile, for example, 
the differences between the Old Testament and the New Testament, both supposedly about the same God. 

Here’s the scoop: The Old Testament was the previous contract with God.
The New Testament is the current contract. 
Even so, the Old Testament is a treasure, rich in accounts of God and His Magnificence and mercy. 

There are many culture and language differences between the Jewish Jesus of 30 AD, and 21st century Americans. 

Though the New Testament is the official baseline, here are a few books to help understand the language and the culture that went onto writing the Old and New Testaments. They are not supplements or replacements to the New Testament, 
but help clear up translation and cultural difficulties. 

*Evidence that Demands a Verdict (McDowell, Josh & Sean. 2017, orig, 1972, Thomas Nelson Publishers). 
*The Verdict of History (Habermas, G. 1988, Thomas Nelson Publishers). 
*The Hard Sayings of Jesus (Bruce, F.F., 1983, Intervarsity Press). 
*Hard Sayings of Paul (Brauch, M.T., 1989, Intervarsity Press). 
*Hard Sayings of the Old Testament (Kaiser, Jr., W.C., 1988, Intervarsity Press).)