Confirmed Bachelors

When a heterosexual woman wants romance, 
she looks for a man whose appearance and manners please her and she hopes and perhaps contrives to meet him. 

First, to find a man, she looks for someone who is a male. Fairly easy. Humans with male parts, who enjoy being male, will look like a real male. But should she assume every that every human with male parts also has ‘marriage parts’.?
What do I mean by ‘marriage parts’? 
I mean that quality that makes a man want to spend all of his life with one woman in a settled, legally-confirmed relationship. 
The term ‘confirmed bachelor’ is another way of denoting a man without marriage parts. 

There are six basic kinds of male-men: 
1) Has male parts and wants to use them. He believes that marriage is the only legitimate place to use them, 
     partly to guarantee he will be there for the children they create together. He has marriage parts. 
2) Has male parts and wants to use them, and would like to marry, but some trauma makes him scared of marriage. 
     Usually, some form of fatherlessness, a parental divorce or a previous bad marriage. Dicey.
3) Men who have male parts, wants to use them, would rather use them as a single man, but will marry if necessary to get sex. 
     Has marriage parts, but they are like a spare tire to him. Will use if necessary. 
4) Has male parts, believes he has the right to use them, but has no marriage parts. Intends to have sex, but refuses to marry. 
5) A cheater. Marriage is fine, but not a boundary against other sexual outlets. 
6) Is a rapist or child molester. No marriage parts, unless he could marry a little girl. 

Listen women, some men simply have no marriage parts, and trying to turn such a man into a husband is a waste of your life. 
I have heard so many stories of so many women who failed at turning a ‘fiancé’ into a husband. 

My wife has told me stories of women who lived with their ‘fiancé’ for decades, then he broke it off after she started to sag and wrinkle, and went on to marry a girl several years younger. (By the way, if you haven’t set a wedding and announced it, you’re not a fiancé. This is a ruse that short-sighted women accept, trying to prod their confirmed bachelor to the altar). 

Q: So, how do you sort them out? 
A: Practice sexual abstinence until marriage. 

Q: What if they won’t date if they can’t have sex? 
A: You have found a man likely without marriage parts, or one too scared to commit. Depart. 

Q: What if the woman wants sex without marriage? 
A: Then she willingly steps into that Twilight Zone, where she may spend her wrinkled years alone. 

When a man goes to buy a classic car, some cars are advertised as a 'roller'. This is a car that lacks the engine and transmission. Unfit to drive. Useless as it is. And unlike cars that can be rebuild, human free will prevents a man without marriage parts from becoming a husband, no matter how much time, effort and $$$ you invest. 

Eric J. Rose