Why Christmas?

Humans created the Holiday we call Christmas, but we didn't create the event that birthed the holiday; the Holy Birth of Jesus Christ. 
The Holy Ghost, (the Second Presence of God), 
was sent by the Father (the first Presence of God) 
to impregnate Mary, to create the physical Jesus, (the Third Presence of God, who existed before He came to earth). 

Mary, a virgin, consented to this impregnation. How did this insemination occur? I don’t know exactly, but since Jesus was able to turn water into wine, and we know that all tangible, organic matter is made of protons, neutrons and electrons, one possibility is that the Holy Ghost converted a tablespoon of Mary menstrual lining into Holy semen, and thus the immaculate conception occurred as it is written. 

Why did God the Father need to send Jesus, (the Third Presence) to us? 
Look at how we humans mistreat God. 
Always altering His image and assassinating His character. 

Eve, who knew God firsthand, lied about him in the Garden of Eden. Read Genesis 2 and 3. When the devil tempted Eve about the forbidden fruit, Eve claimed that God forbid her to touch the fruit, when God actually only said they could not eat the fruit. This was the first recorded human lie in the Bible, and it demeaned God’s character. 

People are like that, and therefore, God has the right to visit His accusers and defend His character. God is not a frog. God is not the sun. 
God is not an undefinable mysterious force. He says people were made in his image. He identifies as male and is a Being, not merely a force, like gravity, (which is a consequence of mass, which He created). 

Jesus was born, so God could come back to earth and be face-to-face with humans, like he was back in the garden of Eden. 
Simple enough. 
Can God do that? Yes. 
But what purposes did His incarnation as Jesus serve? 

1) The incarnation of Jesus, the third Presence of God, gave God the opportunity to experience what we experience, 
    though He already knows everything about everyone. 
2) The incarnation of Jesus, demanded that we mortals hear God as He wanted to be heard, not as we wanted to believe He would speak.
     Most of the heated debates Jesus entered, were against religious leaders who misrepresented God in the way they taught scripture.
     It still happens today. If everyone truly knew God, there would only be one religion and one denomination. 
3) As God incarnate, Jesus taught people about the existance of Satan and demons and that demons are the defeated, terrified ones. 
4) The teachings of Jesus, shows the power of God available to humans, such as physical healing and deliverance from demons. 
    This power to deliver others, it dissipates when religious people are more focused on wealth and status than on serving God 
     and helping others. 
 5) Therefore, the incarnation of Jesus, shows a tender side of God, that heavy-handed rules cannot illustrate. 
     There is a holiness that creates safety for self and for others, but then are religious demonstrations of piety that help no one,
      they just burden others and create the opportunity for needless control,which power-hungry humans tend to do. 
 6) Lastly, the incarnation of Jesus, who was with God the Father from the beginning (Gospel of John, chapter 1) gave God the opportunity
     to redeem the souls of those able to repent of their sins, by sending Jesus to hang on the cross as blood-payment for their sins. 

All sins must be paid for; either by the offender spending eternity in hell, or by the blood Jesus shed on the Cross as payment. 
Jesus was the sin-ransom for sinners like me and you. 

This, in a nutshell, in why we have Christmas. Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of the world's greatest hero. 
 If you want to know more about God, investigate, first by reading the New Testament, and by talking to others. 

Look on the Internet for a bible-preaching church near you and ask God to help choose a church to visit. As I wrote this, I prayed for God to help you. For old-hand Christians, don’t let the use of terms like First Presence, Second Presence, Third Presence scare you. This is just my way of explaining the Holy Trinity to those raised in homes without God. Any explanation of God by a mere mortal will fall short at some point, and this is no exception 

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Eric J. Rose