Black Wives Matter

I want to point out one source of racial tension that is being glossed over. 
And when it is glossed over, the anger is then redirected to other topics, hidden and hard to identify, much less solve. 

This is about black men who prefer white women, leaving black women with fewer marital prospects.
Color preferences in relationships create racial inequality; a sense of being left behind.
I’ve read that 17% of US black men marry outside their own race. 
That means that 17% of black women don't marry? That would be 3,700,000 black females. 

America has many celebrity black men that prefer white women, or at least Redbone women. 
Darker-skinned women are kinda-often left out. I have enough black friends to know this is a problem. 

This creates anger in black women. I know of one young black man who was dating a white girl. 

His bio-sister said, “A Sista just can’t get a break!” So, I know this is real. 

What does this girl do with her anger? It has to go somewhere. The main point of this article is that a lot of neighborhood anger is being redirected toward whites in vague terms that no one wants to label, so it is then difficult to solve. 

Several years ago, I saw a magazine that highlighted 
“The 10 Most Beautiful Black Women of 19??” (don't remember the year) 
There was maybe one truly dark woman among them. One woman looked Italian. It should have said 
“The 10 Most Beautiful Redbone Women of 19??)”. 

A solution? This article isn’t about offering a solution. It is about pointing out the problem. 
Yet, how many black women in America would say ‘Amen’? 
Should black men say, “I have an obligation to prefer the women of my race, so they too, 
can fully participate in the life that I am searchuing for.  Yes or no? 

I would like to see a debate on PBS between single black women and the white wives and white girlfriends of black celebrity men. 
It would be interesting, don’t you think? Would either side have the guts to participate?   

And how many black women in BLM marches are there 
because one on the white chicks in the crowd took the man that could have been her's?

Eric J. Rose