Wedding Math

This is not about wedding costs, but the mathematical likelihood of today's women visiting the wedding altar.
The ratio is quite simple; the more sexually promiscuous that females are as a group, 
the less likely they are, to marry.

Why is this?
Pretty simple. Marriage is a life-changing event for men. 
Everything has to be adjusted to accommodate a wife. 
Every adjustment has a cost, 
and some of those adjustments require a man to abort his personal dreams and ambitions in exchange for a wife. 

1) A man who doesn't need sex, will probably never marry or date.
2) A man who needs sex, but can get sex without marrying, may never marry.
3) A man who needs sex, and can't get it without marrying, will likely marry.
4) A man who needs sex, and wants a particular female, and can't get her without marrying her, will probably marry her.

A man who won't date without sex is a #2.

A female who gets pregnant out-of-wedlock will be less appealing to most men, including the man that impregnated her.
PS, The leading cause of death for pregnant women is angry sperm-givers that don't want to be fathers.

Sadly, one group of males most likely to marry are (sometimes) fatherless males who look for a woman to support them, 
as their mothers did, establishing a culture of the woman being responsible for the life of the male; a complete social perversity.

Chick flicks are written to make females believe that if she gives a man everything,  pretty much all at once, 
he will fall head-over-heels in love with her. 
That outcome is fairly rare, but to some women, it seems reasonable.

Many females also think they have to compete with other women for a man's attention, is via sexual promiscuity.

As a young man, I spent enough hours in bar rooms to know that easy girls are often viewed as 'semen porta-potties'.
Sorry to be so blunt and crude, but women claim to want know how men think. .

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