Aborted Siblings

September 12, 2020 was a ‘National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children’. 
Link: http://abortionmemorials.com/index.php 

Abortion was legalized Jan 22, 1973, leaving many living siblings with a hole in their lives. 

My wife and I lost a child to miscarriage in 1991, and I saw her in a vision a couple of days later. To know that a living member of the family has died, for whatever reason, is painful, or it should be. So many young people today have vocal pro-abortion parents. These children must understand that they are not intrinsically valuable to their parents. 
So, in part, an Aborted Baby Remembrance Day is also a day for surviving siblings to grieve their lack of value to their own parents. 

Imagine for a moment, being Chelsea Clinton. Some hate her. While I disagree with most of what she says, I also pity her because her mother is for abortion. Chelsea is not intrinsically valuable to Hillary. 
And I pity Chelsea’s offspring because of who Chelsea has become. 
The same can be said about Nancy Pelosi’s children, among many other members of Congress. 

There are sites throughout the country with memorials to aborted children. Many are at Catholic Churches. Frankly, I find that strange, since 65% of Catholic Congress members vote for abortion. 

Here a few organizations that deal with the emotional problems caused by being a sibling of aborted babies. 
Ironically, many of these organizations are church-related, yet serve Holy Communion to its church members who vote the Congressional baby-killers into office. Why is this, this hypocrisy? 

Links for more reading:

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http://postabortionhelp.org/pah/sibling-2/witness-a-brotherly-presence/my-experiences-as-the-sibling-of-an-aborted-baby/ https://www.liveaction.org/news/what-if-siblings-aborted-children/ https://aleteia.org/2014/07/24/how-could-you-have-aborted-my-big-brother/ 
https://survivingsibling.wordpress.com/ http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/mourning-aborted-siblings-ministries-help-individuals-cope-with-great-loss 

Eric J Rose