What if I said, “Every cowboy should be a Christian?” 

Would that be appropriate? 
Yes, because, if a man understands the relationship between cowboys and their horses, 
he should understand the relationship between God and cowboys. 

Let's say a cowboy needs a horse to ride. 
He either buys a horse that is already broke to ride, or he finds a horse to break. 

He believes he has the right to exert his will on any horse he might choose; 
that because he is a human, he has a right to force a horse into that situation, 
and he expects the horse, at some point, to enjoy the relationship. 

What gives a cowboy this right? 
The horse is more powerful than the cowboy who rides him. 
The horse is faster than any cowboy. 

This is why cowboys want horses, so they can keep up with the cattle. 
The horse is what turns a man into a cowboy, eh? 
The horse is what turns a soldier into a cavalry man.
A horse is what turn a shovel-man into a plowman. 

So, who needs who? 
And yet, men claim the right to dominate the horse. 

But why? Is it because of our intellect? Perhaps. 

Now let’s talk about the difference between God and cowboys. 

If intelligence determines the right of one life form to own and control another life form, regardless of physical strength, 
what about the ‘right-to-dominate’ of God, who is both smarter and stronger than mere humans.

Consider the gap between God and cowboys. 
God is: 

Omnipotent (all powerful) 
Omniscient (all knowing) 
Omnipresent (everywhere at once) 

God knows what we are going to have for supper 85 days from now. 
He knows which people talk about us behind our backs and tells lies about us. 
He knows who WE badmouth. 

I have a distant cousin who has Down’s Syndrome. He is a gentle soul. 
When I was 29, I had been working labor-type jobs for over 10 years, and I decided a college degree would help me. 
I didn’t get very good grades in school, so I took a test to see if I was smart enough to pass college classes. 
It was administered by MENSA. I scored in the 99th percentile. 
Even so, My IQ is far closer to my cousin's IQ than to God’s IQ. 

And every cowboy’s IQ is closer to their horse’s IQ than to God’s IQ. 
What gives a cowboy, or anyone else, the right to ignore God’s sovereignty over humans’ lives, 
when humans are so quick to claim sovereignty over the lives of horses and dogs, spiders and mosquitoes, etc.?

We humans are not independent, sovereign entities. 
We are not the highest-thinking life-form that exists. 
Compared to God, we are weak worms. 

So why do cowboys, dog owners (and everyone else) think we can reject God, 
and yet sit on horses and train dogs to fetch, 
when we are all lower life forms than God? 

This puzzles me. 

The process of letting God break us and ride us, is called ‘born-again’. 
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eric j. rose
photo: The Spuce Pets