Freedom of Religion

If we are to be a nation WITH freedom of religion, we cannot be a place of freedom FROM religion. 

While some people may choose to ignore God, each person with a religion will have outward expressions of that religion, 
and a free society will permit non-abusive expressions of religious beliefs. 
And yes, a nation of individuals can claim a religion, which will then be reflected in their memorials and their laws, 
for every semblance of civility is grounded in the Golden Rule, which no mere human can claim to practice perfectly, 
for we are all too selfish. 

So how do people of different religions practice a common government? 
Specifically, how do those of different religions who believe in the sanctity-of-life, elect leaders that will uphold these values? 

First, each peace-loving religion must be allowed to exist. 
Second, we may find that a candidates closest to our personal moral choices may belong to another religion, 
while a political opponent who claims our religion actually violates the religion they pretend to practice. 

I voted for the Romney/Ryan ticket in 2012, because they weren’t the pro-death Obama/Biden ticket. 
Although now-Senator Romney has openly betrayed President Trump, I will not regret voting for him in the 2012 election; 
for he was the least-imperfect candidate on the ticket in November of 2012. 

So, a born-again Christian voted for a Mormon in 2012. They are not the same religion, but that’s how America works sometimes. That’s what it takes for America to work; choosing the best available option, 
sorted through the filter of the will of the American  people. 

Eric J. Rose