White Privilege

I begin with a photo of my 2 year-old self, coming out the back door, ready to mount my trusty steed for another day of adventure. 
That shack was our home until I was five. It was a 2-bedroom house and I had two older sisters. 
I slept on  cot in my parent's bedroom closet. 
In 1960, my dad put together a crew of relatives, with some hired help, to build a 24’ x 40’, 3 bedroom house, for $8,000. 
Some savings, some borrowed money. It was built behind the shack you see, so we already had the land

The bank payments were $60 per month for 8 years. In the fall, we would go clothes shopping for school; two new outfits, 
filled in with thrift store purchases. Each Easter, one set of Sunday clothes, including shoes, which were worn for a year. 
Went barefoot in the summer, through the thistles, cow dung and all.
Got my first pair of gym-only shoes in 3rd grade. 
This picture shows that white people don’t always have the life that minorities imagine. 

I would like discuss a few points about white privilege (which does exist) with the idea that the readers will ask themselves two questions throughout the article: 

1) Do whites create and cause all these racial differentials? 
2) Can any white machinations stop people of color from becoming who they want to be? 

There are valid cases of white privilege, that are the fault of whites. 
There are valid cases of white privilege, that are not the fault of whites. 
There is a difference between white privelege and racism.
There are cases of white privilege that are simply imagined. 
There are things that are not ‘privilege’, but just the way life ought to be for all people. 

There are things that minorities can do to improve themselves, apart from white permission. 
Why do minorities think they need our permission to succeed? 
Large cities with more than a 25% minority population, have what it takes to build their own economy, 
if they are willing to pull together. 
Read about Marcus Garvey. The trouble is, most of these cities have Democrat mayors who think they are running plantations. 

Sources of White Privilege: Jim Crow is one source of white privilege. But I remember the racial unrest on the TV in the 1960’s 
and I know it’s better than it used to be. Black men used to be killed for dating a white girl. 
But there is also such a thing as ‘Jane Crow’.
Liberal white women try to pretend that only white men practiced racial disparity. Jane Crow exists. 

Employment discrimination by color is a valid case, but is disappearing with Trump’s economy. Methinks Obama wanted jobs to go away from America, knowing that blacks would lose their jobs first, which would keep them voting Democrat, and keep Democrat politicians elected and wealthy. 

Let me list some valid white privilege that is either not wrong, or that white people can’t be held socially responsible for… 

1) White people are the only people that can determine the color of their children by choosing who they copulate with. 
    Only white people can have white babies. This is DNA science. 
2) Many women of color are angry because some men of color would rather marry a white woman than a woman of color. 
     I’ve seen this debate at ground level. I know it’s true, and it creates anger that women of color can’t afford to vent toward men
     of color, lest the conflict make them even less marketable. So the anger has to go somewhere. try this:
3) More white kids have dads at home than children of color. 
4) Judicial issues seem to have white privilege, because white people often serve less time for the same crime. 
    But, that is partly about family too. Complete families, no matter the color, see fewer arrested young men, and those fewer
    young men have better legal representation. Because there are more men, and more productive men in the family, 
    more money for lwyers, and everyone lives better. 
5) There are more whites in America than blacks and this gives them a numeral advantage. Here is how: 
a) Not every white person in pre-Civil War America owned a slave, hence more whites than blacks in our country. 
b) Blacks abort at a higher rate than whites and Latinos. 
c) Blacks kill each other at a higher rate than whites do. 
d) Blacks elect democrats that want to fill their cities with immigrants, taking their jobs and making their rents higher 

Now, let's take this conversation in a different direction. Some people think that if there were no white-induced white privilege, every thing would be okay. But this isn't true. Minorities, for whatever reason, also do things that sabotage their own options for prosperity. Let's call it 'Minority Implosion'. Minority Implosion works alongside white privilege to harm minorities. 

Here are a few examples: 
1) Dropping out of school. Few white people want black kids to drop ourt of school. 
    Even if one sees no point in graduating, going to school every day lessens the odds of going to prison. 
2) Fatherless children. Next to abortion, it is the worst form of disenfranchisement. 
3) Voting Democrat. Sanctuary cities are blocking ICE enforcement of warrants, which keeps dangerous, 
     or job-taking illegal immigrants in minority neighborhoods. Look at Chicago right now. 
     Any unemployed minorities in Chicago today? 
     Any youth killed last weekend from thugs or drugs brought over the border by illegals hiding in Chi-town? 

Minority Implosion is a valid talking-point. 
So does this article have a happy ending? I don’t know. 

But I do know it is no cure to stitch an arm when the problem is a broken leg. And there are certain things that each people group has to do for itself to succeed. No one else, but us, can make us successful. Others can give opportunities, but opportunities are like wild cows; we have to work hard to milk them. Under Trump’s economy, there was the option for every functional person to gain ground, and become better than they were before Trump’s Presidency began. 

 Eric J. Rose