An Oddity

I’m a crime show buff.  

February of 2019, I saw a show where: A 15 year-old girl went on 'kik' to find a boyfriend. 
She advertised that she was 18 years-old.  

An 18 year-old boy fell for her. They met and had sex. 
At some point, she confessed that she is 15. 
The boy tries to break up with her. 
She pushed back, telling him she will go to the police if he breaks up with her. 

At this point, I am angry with her because she has intentionally deceived him, and is now extorting him, 
(though that wouldn’t have happened if he had practiced sexual abstinence until marriage). 

He should have gone to the police and explained the situation and worked it out with her parents and the court. 
But he didn’t. He killed her. 
He was charged with 1st degree murder. I disagree with the charges. 

She practiced deception and extortion, which to me are mitigating factors. 
2nd degree murder would have been a more appropriate charge.

In order to save young people of both sexes from their own stupidity, 
there needs to be laws that make it illegal to give a false age, 
and to give some allowance to young men under 25 that fall prey to such deception. 

Such claims would need to be supported by emails or text messages where she falsely states her age. 
I would go so far to say that if a young girl is willing to lie about her age to get a boyfriend and is willing to have sex to keep him, she should be charged as a sexual predator. 
She should have to register as a sex offender, and her access to her phone and internet should be restricted.