Hello. Thank you for visiting. 

The purpose of this contact page is to let you know that I am not available for personal counseling. 

 While it is one thing to share generalities about life, it is quite another thing to counsel others on specific actions they should take regarding their personal relationships.
 I am not licensed to preach or do mental health counciling, or marriage counseling, etc.,
so, the surest way for me to avoid problematic or incomplete encounters, is to withhold contact info.    Sorry. 
People need truth, but they also need to be face-to-face with those that help them reach their goals of wholeness. 
    Someone like me might help a little bit, for a little while. 
But people need to immerse themselves in a community of like-minded seekers, with the seasoned people helping along the newer ones.  
    You have value, and you need to be with seasoned guides to help you reach your potential.

The best starting point is to find a local, Bible-believing church.
How do you find a good church? The same method I outlined in,
which shows women and men how to seek repentance for abortions.

For those with suicidal thoughts, the Suicide Hotline is (800) 273-8255.

If you appreciate the website, share it with others, and find ways to help others, both friends and strangers. 
And you can pray for me, my kin, and what I hope to accomplish with this website.

Eric J. Rose