Male-to-Female Transgenders

Note: I grew up around three boys who became alt-sex people. 
They all had difficult childhoods. One of the boys went transgender.
This is one reason for this article.

I want to talk specifically about male-to-female transgenders, surgically fixed or not. 
Motivation: What makes a male want to be a woman? 

1) I understand what it is like to be curious about someone different. My 10th Halloween, my older sisters wanted to dress me up
    as a girl. I cooperated. When going up the steps of people’s homes, I kept catching my heels in the hem of my dress. 
    It nearly ruined my evening. 
2) How many transgender boy-to girl are the only child of his mother?  What might the math tell us? 
    Most women want to have a girl. How many mothers of only children, unable or unwilling to bear another child, 
    would resort to this step to get a daughter?
3) For some, transgender is simply the next phase of a homosexual striving to becoming someone who could attract men 
    to have sex with them, under a more acceptable guise. Let me suggest that most transgenders grew up without their biodads
    in their home. Or had a weak father. Prove me wrong. 
4) Fear. Changing identities is a long-practiced method of avoiding oppression or violence or proper consequences. 
    A bullied boy might see this as safe option. Case in point: Richard Sharpe, wife killer, had a father who was abusive to his sons
   but not to his one daughter. So he begins cross-dressing in hopes of lessening the amount of abuse he might suffer. 
   Later he would take his wife's and teenage daughter's clothes. It all came crashing down when he kill his wife in 2000. 
5) Jealousy. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” is a true saying. 
     Some boys see this as the way to get the happy-giggly life they seeing females having. 
6) The desire to win at sports. Boys who can't compete with males, run races against females.
7) Attention. M-F transgenders seem to love attention and crave men.  
8) Revenge? Perhaps some males hate women, and are sure that they can do a better job of being women 
    than the women that raised them. 
9) Training/Sexual abuse by guardian adults. There are women who hate men. Some of these women have sons. 
     How do women that intrinsically hate men, raise sons to be emotionally healthy men? They can’t. 
     They then do their best to turn their sons into creature they can tolerate…another female, of sorts. 

     I once belonged to a site called ‘Project Experience’. I read of a man, who as a boy in a single-mom home, 
     was allowed to wear boy’s clothes to school, but had to change into girl’s clothes while at home. 
     At some point, some of these boys will decide it is safer to switch to female (see #3) 
10) Guilt. Though I question this one myself, I propose some trans-people change themselves to try to escape guilt for something
       bad they have done. Perhaps they feel by presenting themselves as a different gender, they absolve themselves 
       of that nagging guilt they experience. 
11) Opportunity. I suspect the surest reason to claim transgender without surgeries are for the opportunity transgenderism
      presents. Being able to win a race, claiming to be a girl to avoid prosecution for adult crimes, and demanding the opportunity
      to access to rooms where real girls are more vulnerable to sexual predators. 
12) With Chelsea Handler's (Bradley E. Manning) purported suicide attempt, I must speculate that trying to be a female 
       might be a ruse to gain sympathy for crimes committed. Women generally do get less jail time for similar offences. 
13) Mental Ilnness. Wiki makes a statement about 'Lycanthrpy': 

"Clinical lycanthropy is defined as a rare psychiatric syndrome that involves a delusion that the affected person can transform into, has transformed into, or is, an animal." I suppose it would be easier to imiagine oneself as the opposite sex than an animal, eh? 

As you can see, I see no positive backstory for a male wanting to be a female. 
Now let’s take a turn that will surprise you, talking about how straight men unknowingly hook up with M-F transgenders and then they get bad news at the reveal.  
Suppose a M-F Transgender presents as a woman and either initiates or cooperates with a seduction on the premise that this would be a true male-female relationship. A straight male follows the typical course, then learns at the reveal, that this human is not a biological female. 
This is a deception and in my opinion, it is a form of sexual assault. It can be seen as an attempt by a homosexual to engage in non-consensual sex with a straight man. Unacceptable for most straight men. 

If you’re born a male, you’ll always have male DNA. Unless the M-F trans self-presents as transgender early on, the straight male is a victim of fraud, and might take steps to separate from the deceiver. While the theory of ‘reasonable force’ applies to this situation, anyone attempting to defraud another should expect unhappy consequences. Males have as much right as females to defend themselves against unwanted sexual advances. 

In a sexual context, 'No', at any time, by anyone, to anyone, means 'No'. 

Finally, a 1600s Scottish proverb: 
If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. If turnips were watches, I'd wear one by my side. 
If "ifs" and "ands" were pots and pans, There'd be no work for tinkers' hands. 

Born-males are males forever. Born-females are females forever. 

Eric J. Rose