Immigration Poverty

Everyone born poor is like an immigrant in their own country. 
Our own poor should be first in line for an opportunity to succeed in America. 
Our legitimate citizens should be first in line to bloom.

Black Congressional Caucus members: If you think America is such a bad place for blacks, why do you want to let in illegal immigrants, and without vetting them? And do you not understand the effects of the law of Supply & Demand have on blacks in poor neighborhoods? 

I think you do. 

More immigrants mean more people needing low-cost housing. Immigration puts pressure on lower-end housing markets, 
which gives landlords the opportunity to raise the rent, which makes American blacks even poorer. 
Supply and Demand. 
(I’ve read many members of Congress invest in low-income housing enterprises. If true, does immigration help make them rich?) 

More immigrants living in poor neighborhoods mean a greater demand on poor schools’ resources to educate non-English-speaking children. Supply and demand. 

Many immigrants crossing the border are diseased. Again, poor neighborhoods will be the first to suffer, both from direct infection, and from fewer available medical resources for real Americans. Supply and demand. 

Unvetted, unmetered immigration brings violence into our poor neighborhoods that further depletes already stretched law enforcement and judicial services. Supply and demand. 

Our southern border is a drug pipeline into poor neighborhoods. 
Supply and demand. 

Finally, the females in poor neighborhoods will face the brunt of a lopsided sexual supply and demand when flooded with mostly male immigrants. 

Black Congress, protect your people. Don’t let history prove that Donald Trump cares more about your people than you do. 
You're supposed to care more about your people than any white President does. 

Eric J. Rose