Term Limits

One advantage to lack of term limits for Congress is that there are people who have been in elected office long enough to understand how ‘the swamp’ works. 

A large part of the swamp seems to operate apart from elected officials; it has a life of its own. 
Perhaps we should place a 12-year limit on total service in any hired federal employee. 
Any term limits for elected officials should be preceded by length of duty limits on federal, state, county and city employees, 
the military exempted. Then elected officials could better control the swamp. 

Once we put an overflow valve on the hired employee swamp, we can work on term limits for elected officials. 
And when we cycle workers through the federal government, 
there would be skilled workers available for service in state, county and municipal governments. 


Pensions for elected officials. I've read that members of Congress receive lifelong pensions of $196K after leaving office 
Why do pension even exist? I would like to see campaign vows by candidates, not to file for retirement pensions, until we can get pensions stricken from the law. 
Any pension that might exist for a member of Congress should be agreed upon by each state’s voters. 
Of course, I think COngressional salaries should be paid by states and set by state legislatures.
 Is that fair, given the disparity of the wealth between the states? 
We are paying higher Congressional pensions wages, than the base salary that nearly every state governor receives, 
working fulltime.
Is that fair to taxpayers?