Recent tragic shootings have stirred up backlash against the NRA, The National Rifle Association. 

Many of the anti-NRA voices belong to people who themselves are ultra-pro-abortion, 
to the point they believe successfully new-born babies can be set aside to die. 
The shootings give them an opportunity to project their guilt onto others for short time. 

On a higher level, others voices are those who need the NRA to fall, 
to help the 2nd Amendment fall, then to defund police departments, 
as an excuse to justify UN Peacekeeping forces in America.  A One-World-Goverment plot. 

 NRA supporters claim that no mass shooter has ever been a member of the NRA. 

That may be true, but here is my reason for writing this piece: 
Though now semi-retired and self-employed, I spent many years working for organizations 
where employee or occupant safety was part of my job. 
I've learned to try to trace problems back to possible causes. 

I’ve looked at this issue, ‘Does the NRA have anything to do with these shootings?’ 

Directly, I see no reason to blame the NRA for mass shootings.

 So what the evil done by shooters? (Killing people for no good reason is evil.) 
Any evil is the result of individual free will. 

Here is an article about free will:

Even so, NRA members, like LEOs, artists, teachers and social workers can contribute to the likelihood of mass shooters. 
Here is how: 
Most violent crimes are committed by children who grew up fatherless.  

Here are a couple of sites to view:
Guess Which Mass Murderers Came From A Fatherless Home ( 
20+ Disturbing Facts about Fatherlessness ( 

What does this have to do with NRA members? 
When an NRA member has sex outside of marriage, there is a possibility of conception. 
Without a prior marriage, that child might be found in the people-group most likely to commit violent crimes. 
Even if the man is willing to marry the pregnant girl, then girl may not want to marry. 
She might head for the hills, and lead the child into a difficult life. 

So, yes it’s possible for NRA members to secondhand-create social tragedies, 
through the illicit use of the pistols they were born with. 
Sexual promiscuity creates tragedies. 

An article about confirmed bachelors:

Keep it holstered until you are married. Most man-pistols don't blanks.

Eric Rose