Holy Communion

What does Communion have to do with abortion? 

Would you say this is True or False: 

1) Any elected official that votes to institute or advance abortion should be denied Communion. 
2) Any medical person who works in the abortion field should be denied Communion. 
3) Any layperson that believes, or practices abortion should be denied communion. 
4) Congregants should be told that anyone who votes for an elected leader who helps abortion 
     should abstain from Communion until they have repented. 

We know that many people in the abortion debate care nothing about God or anything else, but personal freedom. 
 Others follow family political traditions more than God’s Word. 
They vote Democrat even though the party has completely degenerated into a fascist, libertarian anarchy. 

I have been told that ancient Assyrians warriors, when capturing a city, would cut the fetus out of pregnant women, 
then throw the child into the air. The other warriors would then compete to see who could catch the baby on their sword. 

Is today’s Planned Parenthood that different from ancient Assyrian warriors? 
Anyone who claims to be a Christian but participates in the shedding of the blood of unborn babies should not expect the Blood of Christ to cover their sins. And they should be warned not to participate in the sacrament that portrays this grand sacrifice, 
lest the curses of 1 Corinthians 11 fall upon them. 

Christians need to press this issue in their churches. 
They need to be attend elsewhere if their clergy will not deny Holy Communion to the unholy wolves in their midst. 
This does not mean that we ask political affiliations when the emblems are passed, for the secret ballot is sacred in its own way. However, stress the act of examining one's conscience before partaking of the emblems of Communion. 

Eric J. Rose