Abortion Math

Dilemmas, even social issues, are more easily deciphered when the parts can be measured and given numerical values. 
Twitter knows this; that’s how they design algorithms to monitor conservative tweets. 

Why was the 2020 election stolen? 
The 2020 stolen election began in 1973, when the US Supreme Court legalized abortion via Roe v. Wade. 
Millions of US babies have been aborted. It is safe to assume that since the Democratic Party was commandeered by the abortion movement, that most aborted babies would have voted Democrat, had they been allowed to live. 

So then, in the 45 years since Roe v. Wade, the Democratic party could not have grow at the same rate as the Republican party. 

The result is mathematical. 
Democrats can no longer win the Oval Office honestly. 
It must resort to illegal immigration, voter fraud, buying votes, aborting the US Supreme Court in its Constitutional duties, 
and all other sorts of evil practices. 

Short sermon; do the math on the abortion/voter ratio. 

Eric J. Rose