Stephen Hawking

Let's put Stephen Hawking into the abortion debate. 

I imagine that Stephen Hawking would be against abortion to kill deformed babies. 
Although I have read that he didn't believe in God, was quite liberal in UK politics and was a 'remainer', 
and spoke for the right-to-die sector, 
I couldn't find on the internet that anyone asked him about a mother's 'right' to kill a deformed baby. 

Think about it. And...this discussion, must at some point, lead to the validity of organ transplants. 
If defective unborns are better-off aborted, then what about 8 or 80 year-olds that need a liver or a lung, or a heart, or a cornea? 

Then to double-down on this point, should a person who is pro-abortion ever be eligible for an organ transplant? 
Why would they be? I know this is a macabre topic, but so is abortion. 

I would like to see the following question on the transplant application: “Does the patient vote for pro-abortion candidates? 
If so, they will receive an organ only if no one else calls for it.” 
Should Planned Parenthood/abortion workers should be legally barred from ever receiving transplants? 
A main plank in the abortion platform is that biologically defective people don’t deserve to be born, no matter their potential, 
so logically, biologically defective people with a failing organs don’t deserve to live, no matter their accomplishments. 

What would Steven Hawking say about this? He was one of the most physically-challenged humans to inhabit the earth. 

And why then, do we even have an organ transplant system? 
Anyone who believes in abortion and discovers they are biologically-frail to the point of needing an organ, 
shouldn't they voluntarily excuse themselves from the transplant system as a matter of principle? 

 Sidebar: Down’s Syndrome people are typically barred from receiving transplant organs, yet how many aborted Down Syndrome baby parts are sold? I couldn’t find on the Internet if Down’s Syndrome people are allowed to donate organs, though some websites infer that such donations are possible. Wouldn’t it be ironic if a kidney from a Down’s Syndrome person went to an abortion worker? 

Eric J. Rose