There are three basic types of sexual lifestyles: 

* Chaste: This person follows God’s guidelines on sex, whatever that might be, according to their marital situation. This person says ‘yes’ to what God says ‘yes’ to, and ‘no’ to what God says ‘no’ to. 

* Promiscuous: This person says ‘yes’ to what God says ‘yes to, and ‘yes’ to what God says ‘no’ to. 

* Prude: This person says ‘no’ to what God says ‘no’ to, and ‘no’ to what God says ‘yes’ to. 

Under the broad category heading, ‘promiscuous’ would include: perverts, rapists, child-molesters, sexual sadists, 
 So does chaste mean ‘virgin’? It can, but not always. 
A never-married person who has never been violated should be chaste and would be a virgin. 
A sexually-violated single person should be able to consider herself or himself pure and chaste, 
even with the violation, if voluntarily abstaining. 
A formerly promiscuous person who has repented can consider one's-self chaste. 
A married former prude who has repented can consider one's-self chaste 
A married person who follows God’s direction, while having proper sex with the spouse, is still chaste. 
A widow(er) who abstains from sex while unmarried is chaste. 

There is the opportunity for repentance for errors made, that one's chastity can be renewed. 

The early Church had a few folks in Corinth who thought that since they became Christians, marital sex was off the table. 
(Not if the kitchen curtains are drawn for privacy). They were becoming prudes. 
New Testament, 1 Corinthians, Chapter 7, Paul, an Apostle of Christ, writes: 

“Now for my response concerning the issues you’ve asked me to address. You wrote saying, “It is proper for a man to live in celibacy.” 2 Perhaps. But because of the danger of immorality, each husband should have sexual intimacy with his wife and each wife should have sexual intimacy with her husband.” 

Please read all of 1 Corinthians, Chapter 7. It is available on the internet. 
Some of the married Corinthians were becoming prudes, probably because they believed God had an ogre-side that hated sex. 

That’s funny, because I believe the Bible teaches that God designed every bit of human flesh, each part for its own purpose. 
Male and female. Orgasm by Divine Design, not by evolutionary accident. 

And the reason God made us male and female? 
To illustrate, through the man’s sex drive, the Passion that God has for those who choose to follow and love Him. 
The woman’s ability and intent to feel sexual pleasure relates to the Believers’ ability to feel intimacy with the loving Creator. 
Good sex between a husband and wife is a living sermon, (for private reflection). 

 Eric J. Rose