Public School Auditors

If I could do two secular things that would guarantee a change in our society, 
along with Voter ID, I would create the position ‘Elected School District Auditor’. 

The purpose of the position would be to create transparency, thus accountability between school leadership and parents/voters. 
This office would be a 4-year term, selected during mid-term elections, helping to boost voter turn-out. 

The truth be known, many educators and teacher's associations would like their schools to be run like the military, 
with the commanders and their decisions out of reach of the voting public, able to choose their own priorities and level of transparency to the public. 

In my little world (to quote Bob Ross) an elected School Auditor would have the following tasks and powers: 

Have access to any and all classes, assemblies, class materials, staff materials, communications, staff performance meeting 
and reviews, and the ability go through school computers and dumpsters. No holds barred. The Auditor would have the power to request any material from any staff member at a school, without approval from a higher-up, and the power to set a deadline for compliance. 

The School Auditor would have access to all medical advice given to students, even if there might be privacy restrictions.
The Public School Auditor would also have the authority to question students privately along a set of pre-determined questions, 
if anyone at home or at school is performing any type of abuse against them. 
In either case, the police are called before other school officials are notified.

The Auditor would have the legal power to subpoena any material or information that has been denied or delayed. 
 If a subpoena has to be issued to obtain information, the County and State Attorneys General are automatically notified for legal action against the resisting school official(s). 

 This position would not increase school costs, it would lower school costs, for the transparency would force the school to give more care to their management practices, and would shame them into eliminating silly things that waste money. 

 This position would also include the power to investigate and report on City Libraries, within each school district. 
I don't understand the level of autonomy that local library leaders have. 
Their freedom is unwarranted and dangerous for our children.

Each Auditor would publish their findinds on their own website, uncontrollable by any local or State education office.
While the Auditor cannot make any changes, the Auditor can file reports with the public and with appropriates prosecuting offices.

 Do an internet search ‘found in school dumpsters’. 

Eric J. Rose
photo: Pinterest