Abortion Evangelism

I suspect some Christians vote Democrat, or don't fight abortion, so more souls go to heaven. 
Sound crazy? 

Consider this… When abortion became legal, we Christians consoled ourselves with the notion at that at least murdered babies go to heaven. Abortion then becomes a prenatal underground railroad, helping the children of Democrats go to heaven, 
when they might not otherwise get there. 

Or,… perhaps this is just some peoples' way of killing the next generation of Democrats so their children will have fewer Democrats to contend with?  Or, is this how some whites kill blacks without seeming racist? 

What do you think? Are those non-voters just passive-aggressive serial killers? 
Well, abortion did help defeat Hillary. 
She engineered the death of millions of lost voters who otherwise might have elected her in 2016. 

To avoid the sin of omission, every true Christian needs to hate abortion, find nothing good about it, and actively vote pro-life. 

Catholics,  February 26, 2019, 8:00 PM, CST. 
I just finished watching an episode of ‘Finding Your Roots’ with Henry Louise Gates Jr. 
Michael Moore was one of the guests. Mr. Moore said (I paraphrase), that within the Catholic Church, one can always find an element of the radical left. 
This would help explain why Catholics would vote for baby-killers and tolerate priests that rape little boys. 
There are Catholics whose religion is not a connection to God, but a means of social protest. 
 “According to the Pew Research Center, Catholics represent 30.5% of the United States Congress as of January 2019. 
There are 141 Representatives and 22 Senators that are Catholic, which split as 99 Democrats and 64 Republicans.” Wiki. 

Nearly 65% of Congressional Catholics are Democrats, the Party of Death. Racists.
There are racists and elitists who claim to know God, but are happy to support abortion, 
because it gets rid of the 'trashy' people in the world. 

Black Christians. 
Black Christians are voting baby-killers into office. How is this Civil Rights? The woman most likely to get an abortion is an unmarried black woman. Listen to the 1969 Elvis Presley hit, ‘In The Ghetto’. 

On one hand, abortion makes perfect sense as a form of social control, to make black neighborhoods safer, 
if there were no Judgment Day. 

But it makes no sense for a black woman who has had an abortion to shout ‘police brutality’ if she has killed her own unborn baby. Perhaps she is trying to exorcise her own abortion-guilt. And the black women that dress up on Easter for church, but then vote for leaders that create abortion? Once conceived, the first human right is the right to be born. 

Finally, look at this: https://www.lifenews.com/2019/05/02/democrat-legislator-defends-aborting-retarded-babies-some-kids-are-unwanted-you-kill-them-now-or-kill-them-later/ 
“Some kids are unwanted; you kill them now or you kill them later" 
Not all blacks believe that black lives matter. 

Eric J. Rose