I wonder, how do people consider after-sex-STD testing a benefit to themselves when it is not done after every new sex partner? 

Imagine the female that says to herself at a Friday night party:

“I don’t know if the man hitting on me is carrying any diseases, but I’m willing to let his semen splash around in me for a while, 
until my next exam and we’ll see anything is growing besides a baby. 
I need the attention and need to show other females that I can be preferred over them. 
I get tested every six months, so, I can’t infect any more than 3 or 4 other men, and it serves them right, if I have something. 
But his hair is clean, so he must be disease free, right?” 

 I use the female as the worst-case scenario, 
because it is logical that those who receive and hold body fluids operate as a sexual receptacle, and are more likely to catch a disease than penetrators, because sexual receptacles are in contact with the contaminated body fluids for a longer time, eh? 

If you've ever done dishes by hand, you know the stewpot is harder to clean than the spoon that stirred the stew. 


Have you ever seen females at a party get all grossed-out when a crude-dude double-dips a chip at the food table? 

EEEEEEWWWW!!! they say. 
But, after a few beers, many of these same females will be off somewhere with men they just met, accepting untested body fluids. EEEEEEWWWW!!! 

 Eric J. Rose