Sharia Economy

I don't believe Muslims will integrate and absorb the American lifestyle. So let’s imagine what a Sharia economy/society might look in America, courtesy of news reports from the EU: 

* Male & female segregation will affect all areas of the economy. I saw an internet photo of a Burger King in Europe with male & female customer lines. Expect women to be banned from certain places and activities. Islamic colleges often lack female teachers. In some classes, female students are segregated from the males and learn by watching monitors in a different room. They ask questions via telephone. 
*The country of Brunei has banned Christmas, fetching 5 years in prison, and/or $20,000 fine. I’ve read Christmas sales are about 19% of America’s annual retail sales. 
* Prayer 5X per day will interrupt production and customer service. 
* Pepper spray products would likely disappear, for rape is the woman’s fault. 
* Daughters will be sold, apart from their free will. 
* I’ve read that some 300 ‘Subway’ restaurants in the UK have quit serving ham, at Muslim demand. 
* Muslims hate dogs. Dogs and their videos would be banned. The dog economy would disappear and dog shelters closed. Dog shows: extinct. * No more bacon, sausage, BBQ ribs, Easter hams or SPAM, or pig farms. 
* America’s Funniest Videos would go off the air, and Hollywood would lock its doors. 
* Violated girls have little value to men, and are a financial burden to their fathers. Hence, ‘honor killings’. 
* Alcohol consumption would be forbidden. 
* When Islam truly owns a nation, no real fashion industry exists. When there is no fashion, one or two change of clothes is all that is needed. 
* Only Islam-promoting art and theater and literature would be allowed. No ballet, etc. No indie stuff. 
* I assume most cosmetics and cosmetic surgery would disappear. 
* UPS now refuses to enter many ‘no-go’ zones in Europe. Logistics? 
* Like with Hitler’s Kristallnacht, Jewish businesses will disappear as surely as Jews will disappear. * 'Unclean’ celebrations, such as New Year Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mardis Gras, Chinese New Year, etc. would be banned. 
* Personal crime is one factor in an economy. Factor-in the financial thievery of muslims.