I wander through social media looking for discreet divisions in our society. 
Little bits of resentment and anger, when stored up, contributes to one’s political perspective. 

Periods, women’s attitude toward their periods, and men’s lack of periods are part of a woman’s world-view. 
This needs to be discussed. 

With nearly every female that regularly resent men in general, their periods play a part in the anger. 
And even women who generally like and appreciate men, have days they wish the planet was inhabited by only females. 
I advise men to do an internet search for ‘period memes’ if they want to see how females feel about this part of their lives. 

Concerning blood flow, as a carpenter-guy, I have put a couple of fingers through a table saw, 
stapled two fingers to a board in a factory with 3" staples, 
sliced my hand open with a utility knife, then super-glued it shut because I couldn’t afford to go to the doctor, etc. 
I also had an infrequent leak in my intestines for seven years, 
which three or four times doubled me up in pain for hours to days at a time, 
finally resulting in emergency surgery and the removal of my cecum and about 14” of upper and lower intestine, total. 
So I understand something about blood and abdominal distress. 

I think that at the least, men should recognize that some woman have monthly difficulties. 
Men can’t do much about them, we certainly didn’t invent them, but we need to acknowledge them and accommodate them without making the women in our lives “The Absolute Ruler of the Known Universe” 3-7 days per month. 
Of course, young men need to learn about these, which is difficult when single girls act like they have never felt any menstrual discomfort, and the behavior only comes out after marriage.

I came across this term on the internet. This is apparently the feeling women have when they have small children clinging to them, all day long, an yet are fortunate enough to have a husband. He comes home frisky and goes to sleep lonely. 

I call these nights  '8-Hour Divorces'

So, what about the mothers, grandmothers and aunts of these women? Does no one tell young brides-to-be what they are about to experience, so they can flee men? Or do the older women want more babies in the family, so they keep silent, then later teach the bride how to dodge her husband’s advances? 

To counteract this, I suggest wives watch ‘The Maury Show’ once a week to see how many women with children are man-less. 
The Maury Show is a valuable marriage tool, and it should have a place in every marriage counseling program, to see the plight of woman who can’t secure the fatherly duties of their already-present children, much less find a man that loves them. 

Now, about being touched-out. I can somewhat understand the feeling. As a father of young children, I could only hold them so long, then I had to set them down. While I frequently grabbed them to hug, kiss and tickle them, I infrequently rocked my kids to sleep; it took too long. So I get this...sortof.

One more input for Christian men; I usually expect my wife to me more ‘attentive’ to me than I give to God. 
If indeed, marriage was created by God to give us mere-mortals a tangible example of the relationship between God and humans, then most men fail miserably in being as attentive to God as they want their wives to be to them. 

So, is it fair for a Christian wife to say to her husband.
"You expect me to give you more aytention than you give God".

This is the male equivalent to ‘touched-out’. There are times that men get tired of hearing their wives talk. 
Many wives consider their husbands ears to be their personal property, available at all times. 
Ironic, no? 

One way a wife tries to control her husband is by controlling what he thinks about. She does that by talking all the time. 
The tragus is the flap in front of the ear. If it closed, we could lower the volume of people talking to us. 
What if the male tragus worked like a wife's legs? 

Not a good idea, given safety issues. A man might close his tragi on a road trip with his wife, and not hear an approaching train. 

Both wives and husbands can feel used. 
I’ve told my wife to occasionally let me use some of my brain cells on things I want to think about. 
Women wonder why men enjoy silence. 
Women mistakenly think that when men are not talking, they are not thinking. 
 I’ve seen this comment repeatedly on the internet; women wonder how men can just ‘not think’ for long periods at a time. 

This is an error, spawned by a basic difference between the average male and average female. 
For many women, any thought that goes through their minds also comes out their mouths. 

Most men do a lot of their intentional thinking in intentional silence. We need it. 
We don't care what other people think about what we think about. 
And I’m a slow-thinker, so I need a lot of quiet. 
Many men that can’t find silence, can’t think. 

 Eric J. Rose