God and Dogs

This piece is not about what God thinks of dogs. 
This is about how people treat their dogs versus how they respond to God.

 People consider themselves superior to dogs and believe they are qualified to own these creatures.
Dogs are faster than humans.
Dogs have far better hearing and smell than humans, and can even sense the onset of certain seizures and diseases. 
Dogs can find both the living and the dead. 

But humans can organize, focus their intellect, and control more of their surroundings. 

So humans assume the right to control other creatures as needed,
domesticating some, like dogs and horses, 
eating others, 
zooing others 
and destroying still others. 

 Now think about humans and God. 
If the human intellect were measured as one grain of sand per person, 
God’s intellect would be greater than all the grains of sand on all the beaches of the world. 
Albert Einstein’s IQ was closer to his dog’s, Chico Marx, than to God. 

Why do so many people think they are the most intelligent creatures in the Universe
and have sovereignty over all other creatures that they can overpower, 
and have the right to ignore a Being who is:

infinitesimally more intelligent
unmistakably more capable,
and incontestably more powerful?

Humans fall down when they are drunk, so they can’t even intelligently manage a peaceful existence with gravity, 
a consistent power, completely predictable, a power with no free will. 
So, how will they get along with a Supreme Being with a free will, without investing themselves in the relationship?
A lot of people focus more on their pets than on God.

Have you see the dog training videos?  Did you know that a dog intelligence is largely determined by their trainability? 
Are you open to being so thoroughly trained by God?

And hoomans expect their dogs to obey them and love them when we aren’t even smart enough to know their language, 
while God has made His expectations for us clear in writing that nearly everyone with a written language can understand. 

Hoomans expect their pets to happily accept any new pet the hooman brings home.
Who was that visitor that just sat in 'your' pew?

And many people consider themselves superior beings, because they adopt rescue dogs. 
But God has been adopting people since human time began. This is what 'Salvation' is all about.

 And some might ask, “Which God would we serve, since there seems to be so many?” 

Jesus was seen by over 500 of his followers when He rose from the dead on Resurrection Sunday. (1 Corinthians 15)
I have bet my eternal soul that Jesus is the visible part of  of the Trinity-Godhead, worthy of my attention and devotion. 

Eric J Rose