Local Courts

It seems that justice on the local level is getting harder to get, partly because there are so many offenders who have charges dropped for behaviors that once brought hard prison time. 

And immigration is connected. Unchecked immigration is more than just a voting scheme. 
Perhaps another, hidden intent of illegal immigration is to flood local courts with such problems from immigrants, 
 so local bad-boys will seem like small peanuts. 
This will increase the lawlessness of local bad boys as their cases are dismissed because of the load on the courts and jails, 
due to more serious immigrant crime. We will see lawbreakers become even more aggressive, 
and criminal lawyers will be out of work. 
We can expect to see domestic violence ignored by the courts, more crimes turned from felonies into misdemeanors, etc. 
 The degradation of society will follow, with a general desire for a more secure form of government. (socialism?)