Abortion Protests

Abortion Protests, why do they only take place at abortion clinics and in the streets? 
Why don’t they ever happen inside the church? 

There are a lot of pro-abortion people attending church without repenting. 
This shouldn’t be. 

Pro-abortion people should not have any position of authority in a church, or any social recognition, and shouldn’t even be allowed to clean the church, for people with bloody hands shouldn’t be doing anything in the church except repenting. 

If it’s good to carry signs against abortion in front of clinics about the sanctity of life, why isn’t it good to warn pro-abortion people not to take Holy Communion until they repent of the notion of killing unborn babies? 
Jesus drove the money-changers out of the Temple courtyard, and abortionia as serious than what happened in the Temple courtyard, eh? 
I think pastors should recruit members to protest abortion in the lobby of the church and have a Repentance Room ready for those that might want to convert. 

May, 13, 2020. The idea just came to me that city-wide church organizations, or an individual church should have one church set aside in larger population centers purely for abortion repentance and teaching services. 
If I were a pastor I would start one. Two services a week; one on Sunday afternoon, and one on a weekday night. 
Meet abortant women and men, in the midst of their confusion, and minister to them. 

I grew up outside a small Iowa town, and when I wanted to connect with God, I went to the nearest larger city to go to church. 
I feel that small-town people, sorry about their abortions would likewise travel to deal with their abortions, 
away from small-town eyes and ears, from perhaps getting wind of what was going on. 

Eric J. Rose