'BLaMntifa' is word that combines ‘BLM’ and ‘antifa’. 

What if we took off the masks from the BLaMntifa players today, apart from the paid positions, the trained marxists and their international network of handlers, and what if were able to see these 'soldiers' when they were children? 
What would we see? 

When I reveal my perspective, I am in no way advocating an escape for them from the consequences of their adult decisions, 
but rather, I am pushing society to correct the things that turns neglected children into destroyers. 
When appropriate, I offer links to better explain. Here we go; the childhoods of current BLaMntifas: 

1) Children of all colors, raised without their biodads. The Angry Fatherless Ones. Even children of divorce can feel fatherless. These riots give them a means to vent.  

2) Biracials. Many of the celebrities in our current chaos, including Kaepernick, Smollett, Wallace, Markle and others, are biracials, with their own special set of problems. They use this turmoil to vent their anger of being caught between two worlds, and feeling guilty that their white-half-self may have brought them farther than their solo-black-skin-kin. Biracials can feel white guilt too.

3) Some people are adrenaline junkies, pure and simple, and those that can't ride a skateboard or skydive, look for other outlets. Angry protests are a reliable way of getting an adrenaline. Disagree? try this link: 

4) Stepchildren. Laugh if you want, but America has millions of angry, hurting stepchildren, who feel betrayed and are angry. 
Social activism gives them an outlet for their anger. To be a child of divorce is bad enough, but many also have bad stepparents. 
I know that stepchildren can be stinkers, too, but... A lot of stepkids really do hate their stepmothers, because some stepmothers are simply mean. I personally know several unkind stepmothers. 

5) people. The BLaMntifa riots contain a lot of adherents, again likely the result of poor childhoods, 
which can include fatherlessness and/or childhood sexual abuse. The heterosexuality they experienced didn't work for them, 
or they're not attractive enough to attract someone of the opposite sex. I personally know a woman who posted on her facebook page that she was going lesbian because she was tired of waiting for a man to want her. It happens, and it can create rage.
6) Black women, angry that many black men would rather be with a white women that a black woman. 
They watched this happen as they grew up. Search 'white chicks' on twitter and see what you find.

7) Foster kids, who by law, become homeless at 18. Many were abandoned or abused by bio-parents, only to be put into foster care to have the abuse repeated. Many of them suffered the side-effects of parental drug use; some of them were prostituted to provide drug money for mom or dad. See the movie “Christmas Carol’ adapted to video from the Charles Dickens novel of 1843. 
The George Scott version is my favorite. Focus in on ‘the Spirit of Christmas Present’, when he is about to abandon Scrooge, 
and reveals the two beggar children. 
A written overview: 

8) Raped children. Their rage is on TV every day now. 

9) Those with abortion guilt. There are females protesters who had abortions as young teenagers that now feel guilty. 
 The boyfriend they aborted to please, is now with someone else and they are alone. They replay the abortion room in their heads over and over, and they need a release from the anguish. So, they protest.
9(b) And don't the forget white women who have aborted the babies of black men. This may be a big deal, in terms of numbers. 

10) Survivor's Guilt. We first heard about this with war veterans who felt guilty they survived battles that killed their buddies. 
I wonder if survivor's guilt is being drilled into our children during their school years. 
It one thing to teach compassion, but quite another to lay false guilt on someone. 

11) Likewise, are kids taught to be victims in public schools, or are being taught that living in a Republic is an act of aggression. 

12) Chronic underachievers. These are kids that grew up receiving participation medals in school, had no chores at home, 
and were not taught any usable income skills. They simply can’t cope as adults. 
Unsurprisingly, they are advocates of ‘Universal Basic Income’. But they don’t realize that UBI has a flip-side; 
‘Universal Basic Workloads.More:

13) Paid thugs. Many of them are ex-offenders. 

If all these factors went away, BLaMntifa would evaporate. So, this article poses two challenges: 

1) To BLaMntifa adherents: Be careful how you exorcise the demons of your childhood. 
     Your choices may bring consequences that damn your future. 
2) To Society: What will you do to correct the poor childhoods so many children are now having? 
     The surest way to is to save our nation is to quit having sex outside of marriage. 
     Kids who grow up in a married bio-parent home are the most likely to grow up in safe, loving homes 
      and become competent, confident adults.