In Situ

‘in situ’ is a term that usually means: 
‘A process that is performed in-place without having to move the components involved the process.’ 

Examples of in situ: Carving a sculpture at the quarry, medical aid given at the accident site, blending chemicals at the factory instead of at the customer’s location. 

Fact: $1,000,000 will help more 3rd world inhabitants in situ, than if they immigrate to America. 
It costs US taxpayers less $$$ to build a new life for a village of 100 people where they sit, 
than it does to import them to America, with all the expenses involved. 
This is what the Peace Corps does. 

There are a lot of Democrats screaming ‘poor immigrants’ who have never personally helped any third-world human. 
There is more than one that can rebuild a deformed cleft palate far away for about $250. 
There are other NGOs that drill water wells, educate women and children, and teach farming skills without using US tax $$$. 

I would challenge each member of Congress that voted against President Trump’s Emergency Declaration for the wall, 
to give evidence that they have reached into their own oozing bank accounts to help anyone from another country. 
How many mouths have they fixed? 
How many wells have they dug? 
How many farm animals and seed have they supplied to people in third-world countries? 
How much anti-FGM education have they given women? 
What have they done for poor people that will never vote for them? 

Additionally, I’ve heard of immigrants who came to America to get an education, declaring their intentions to return to help their people. But many don’t. They abandon their own people by staying in America. They shouldn’t be allowed to do that. 
 Some people should be allowed into America specifically to learn how we work, then go home and duplicate us. 
 If America is worth moving to, it is worth duplicating elsewhere. 
 Perhaps a one-time, six-year American visa for learning our way of life, then return home? 

The mathematical reality: Not every human on our planet can live in the United States. 
We need to let in only those that can help us, can carry their own weight, plus add something. 
We can also teach short-timers how a Constitutional Republic works, then send them back home. 

Finally, in situ aid help slows the flow of illegal funds out of America. Many working immigrants get paid under the table, 
without paying income taxes, then send money back to their country of origin. 
Perhaps ID of some kind should be required to send money out of the country, then the $$$ can be traced
to see if more than is reasonable is being sent, compared to what is being declared on tax returns. 

And those that don’t have a tax number can’t send money, because they shouldn’t have any money. If they are on government assistance, they shouldn’t be sending tax $$$ out of the country. If they are here illegally, they shouldn't have a SS#. 

 Eric J. Rose