A Feminist Quandary

FGM and Abortion; these two things are tied together in American politics and society. 

Abortion is the act of killing an unborn child. 
FGM, Female Genital Mutilation can involve a variety of brutalities on the external genitals of little muslim girls. 

In all cases I've read about, the clitoris is removed, I presume without anesthesia. Additionally, in other muslim cultures, the vaginal opening is sewn nearly shut for reasons I can’t fathom. 

At 65 years-old, I remember when feminists were outraged about FGM; the abuse of the female genitals of little muslim girls. 
Then Roe v. Wade made feminists go radio-silent on FGM. 
What happened? Look at the numbers. 

Abortion took over the Democratic Party. 
Because of this, a lot of children of Democrats began to be aborted. Abortion became legal in 1973. 

says that 50 million American babies have been aborted since 1973; 
47 years, about 1 million abortion per year, average. So, from 1973 to 1998 (18 years before the 2016 election) 

By 2016, Hillary had theoretically helped abort 25 years of voting-age Americans. 
That's 25 million voters. Mostly potential Democrats. 

See the math? 
Abortion is decimating the Democratic Party, which is the Party for abortion. 

So how does this tie-in with FGM? 
Democrats, realizing they are exterminating their own voter-base, need to outsource more voters to win elections. 
This is why Democrats push mail-in ballots. 
This is why Democrats love immigration and hate the Wall. 
They are willing to let muslim daughter-haters come into America in exchange for their votes. 

Beside abortion, tolerating FGM is yet another way that 21st Century feminism hurts itself.