Marriage Intro

A great America requires stable marriages. 

This section is for Christians. Others can peek in if they choose, but the Christian divorce rate is too high. 

I've written a few pieces to give you food for thought. 
Many people leave their marriages, claiming the right to be happier than they are now. 

A broken marriage means a broken childhood. 
A kid's family structure is more important than any adult's need for 'fulfillment'. Unless the home is unsafe or experiencing adultery, buckle down and do what you need to. Give your children a childhood. Let them be happy, having two bio-parents that love each other. 

My maternal grandparents, shown above, were both born in 1905, married in 1925 and stayed married until Grandpa died in 1980. 
Harry and Bertha Stifle raised four children during the Great Depression and drought; he as a farm-hand and CCC worker, 
and she as a wallpaper hanger. 
They sent a son to Korea. Grandpa lost his left hand in a farm accident in 1958, a time without workman's comp or disability pay. 
I grew up being his left-hand man. You might be able to see his hook in the photo. 

And...they each had a backstory.
Grandpa Harry was apparently conceived out of wedlock, raised by a stepfather who would nail one strap of his overalls to a tree when he misbehaved. An old-fashioned time-out.
Grandma Bertie was the one 'normal' child of 5 pregnancies. My great-grandma insisted on wearing a corset during her pregnancies and had 3 stillborn babies. Her surviving brother contracted polio that put him in a wheelchair as a child, 
so g'gma devoted all her time to the son, and abandoned her husband, which he compensated for by having girlfriends.

Everyone has baggage.

If 1,000,000 million Christian newlyweds would read this section, I would bet that 1,000 divorces would be prevented. 

Now you may say that 1,000 marriages is not a very lofty goal. 
Well, I am not Jesus Christ. 
And, since I’m not a woman and have never been a wife, I know more about a man’s perspective, and I write accordingly. 

But male or female, expect to be made angry by something you read, and try to work through it. 
In marriage, as in medicine, disclosure is necessary for healing. 
I say things people don't want to talk about, and things that hurt people's feelings. 
But knowing them might help your marriage. 

 Eric J. Rose