Green New Deal

Many Democrats want the Green New Deal, but it will come back to bite them, because many Democrats are overweight. 

Over-eating is a factor in climate change. Every seven days that a person eats 500 extra calories, 3,500 calories, or one pound of fat is made. 500 calories equals the average fast-food burger, a rich coffee drink, falafel w/ rice, etc. 
Multiply that by millions of overweight Democrats. 

 If any human behavior can create ecological stress, then overeating is a major contributor to climate stress. Unnecessary eating requires a lot of water, fuel, chemicals, and electricity to grow, process, transport and retail the over-consumed food. And over-consumption puts an additional strain on the ecology because of waste management, of both food wrappers and feces. Every food wrapper and every drink cup needs to be disposed of, and excreted food products need to be processed by a sewage treatment plant. Human over-ingestion shortens the lifespan of sewage machinery.  And obesity strains our electric grid in thhe summertime.

Have Democrats actually charted the environmental impact of every pound of Democrat obesity? 
They should do this, if they want to show any science-cred on this issue. 

 Do people understand that 'Green Living' includes taking personal responsibility for the environment, which requires lifestyle accountability, with someone else setting their individual daily calorie intake? 

And if we hoomans have calorie restrictions, do you think we will be allowed to own pets? Let that sink in, Hooman. 
This is a new type of tooth-sensor that the Green New Deal advocates could use to monitor the intake of obese people, 
to help keep our planet safe, with a mandatory installation policy, like mandatory vaccines. 
Like 1984. 

Eric J. Rose