What about pro-life Conservatives who are afraid to vote because Donald Trump isn’t Jesus? 

*Moses killed a man in Egypt, then later scribed The 10 Commandments. 
*Samson had problems with Delilah, then pulled down an fully-occupied pagan temple. 
*Paul, (once named Saul), sought out Christians to have them killed. 

Though Paul scribed most of the New Testament and today’s church-folk love to read Paul's epistles in home bible study groups, for a time, the first century church wanted nothing to do with Paul after God knocked him off his donkey on the road to Damascus. 
Many 1st-century Christians treated Paul in the same way many 21st-century Christians treated Donald Trump in November 2016. 
And they were just as wrong. 

In a US election, what matters is the continuance of the US Constitution with an eye toward the Christian principles that built our imperfect, yet better than any other, nation. I believe Donald Trump is doing that very well, and is a far stronger President than any of the alternatives could have or would have been. 

Being a conservative, yet refusing to vote because the candidate isn't the second coming of Christ? 
That's like being a bodybuilder, yet seeing a baby in a dumpster and refusing to pick the child up or call for help. 
So much ability, yet so little action. A refusal to be helpful. 

Voters on the left want to fill dumpsters with babies, yet for Conservatives to vote, the candidate has to have achieved sainthood? 
This is a deception spawned by the enemy of our souls, and re-enforced by Democrats who try to shame Christians who support Trump. 

This sainthood-expectation is particularly ironic when nearly 2/3 of elected Catholics in Congress vote pro-abortion. 
The US Constitution is either re-ratified or partly dismantled every 2 years at the voting booth. 
Never-Trumpers are allowing the Left to dismantle the US Constitution with their misplaced religious zeal. 
(if you read other pieces in this website, you will see that I am kind of a Jesus-freak). 

Lastly, conservatives who have a problem voting for Donald Trump, should consider the feisty Winston Churchill. 
I doubt the UK could have survived WW2 without Winston Churchill, though he was far from being a preacher. 
England had an Archbishop, but Britain needed Churchill to fight the fascism that ravaged Europe. 
And the United States needs the imperfect, but exceptionally competent and brave Donald Trump. 
He has knowledge far beyond average politicians who rely on Fable-Maestros for updates on current events. 
And Trump has an understanding of things that few world leaders possess. 
The world will be a safer place for Christianity if people vote for Trump.