My Visions

A lot of people report religious visions and expect others to believe them. 
People also report being kidnapped by aliens. 

Even so, both the Old Testament and New Testament contains visions and God expects us to believe them. 
I do not necessarily believe visions outside of those reported in the Bible, even if many claim to have witnessed it. 
The “I saw it too” syndrome can just be someone’s way of trying to feel special, or the result of coercion. 

That being said, I believe I have had two visions of heaven and will share them here. 
Not to see if you approve of them, or to coerce you, but simply to share them. 

Vision #1: Shortly after I became ‘born-again’ in 1984, while standing in a certain place, a part of me left and went to heaven. Though I had not yet read the Book of Revelations, I saw a man sitting on a white throne, (which reminds me of the seat in Lincoln’s Memorial), with a marble ‘sidewalk’ up to the throne with one or two steps at a place between He and I. On either side of the sidewalk was glass. I don’t remember exactly how or who I interpreted this being to be, but I knew He was holy. He didn’t speak to me, and I sure wasn’t going to start the conversation. Looking back, it seems he was Jesus. He glowed. Look at a florescent bulb with the light off. You can see the shape of the bulb. Turn on the switch, you can’t tell the exact shape of the bulb because of the light it emits. Jesus shone a florescent bulb. End of vision.
Vision #2: In February of 1991, my wife miscarried. We believed the baby was a female, and named her Olivia Anne. (With each pregnancy, we would talk about boy names and girl names. Whatever name we could agree on turned out to be the sex of the child.) A couple of days after the miscarriage, I was at work, and again, a part of me left and went to heaven. I was on a street, and saw a group of college-age girls walking by in long white robes. I looked at one of them and said to myself “That’s Olivia.” 
She looked at me and said, “Hi, Dad!” I said, “Hello, Olivia. How are you.” (a dumb question to ask someone in heaven). 
End of vision. I went back to my normal state of mind and continued working. 

 Eric J. Rose